Improve your skating and hockey skills with the Advantage Skatemill. This modern hockey skatemill simulator is the absolute leader across Europe, easy to install and even easier to use. Aleš Hemský, one of the leading Czech NHL stars, is using our skatemill to prepare for the upcoming season.

6 reasons why to use
the Advantage Skatemill hockey simulator.

We guarantee the highest quality and reliability
due to the use of the best materials possible.

Excellent skating is the most fundamental hockey skill in modern hockey
each and every player will improve their skating technique by using skatemill.

Advantage Skatemill is completely designed and manufactured in Europe
we also offer fast and professional service.

Players are under a constant supervision of a coach,
which maximizes training effectiveness.

Skating technique, speed development, reflective power,
endurance and dynamics training while constantly skating.

We will equip your centers with top of the range skatemills, synthetic ice
and all the other hockey equipment.

How the skatemill a.k.a.
skating simulator works?


Skating simulator operates on the basis of the conveyer belt (similar to a treadmill), and allows the player to skate at different speeds in one place and perform other special exercises, which would not be possible to try on ice.

While using the skatemill, high-speed cameras record the hockey player, which allows coaches immediately to carry out an analysis of skating and overall movement. Skatemill is an ideal training tool for children as well as experienced professionals.

Are you interested in trying skatemill or getting more information about it?

Let us know, we are more than happy to demonstrate it and answer all your questions.

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